EZCO Recruiting!

Hello and thank you for considering joining Easy Co. We are an operational nullsec corporation comprised of laid back members who have been flying together for many years. We are currently based with ourFI.RE allies in Detroid.

Here is an outlook on what we Easy Co. can offer YOU:

  • Training and support for players looking to jump into nullsec operations
  • A place to call home: Secure nullsec space for income generation
  • Infrastructure for industrious players
  • Helpful and experienced leadership
  • Alliance ship replacement program for doctrine ships lost during fleets

What we look for:

  • Mature pilots who are looking for fun in a PvP environment
  • Wish to relocate to 0.0 space10 mil
  • New Bro’s Welcome!
  • Regular presence in alliance and coalition operations
  • Enjoys specialized roles such as logi, dictor, or scout
  • Capital skills or willingness to train toward capitals

How to contact us: Join EZCO_RECRUITMENT and speak with a recruiter. You can also join our discord . We look forward to speaking with you!


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