Faction loyalist sponsorships

In eve I have seen many corps and alliances who RP as loyalists to certain factions like the coreli corporation or naraka.
Why we allow corps to “declare” their loyalty to certain factions so such factions can provide sponsorships with penalties from opposing factions?
For example the entire corp’s faction standing are shifted identical to the factions’, making it like a factional war.
As a reward, the corp will gain lofty, really lofty support from the said faction as well.

Shouldn’t you also explain what kind of “support” you are imagining?

I thought things like skins, faction ships, modules and attires easier and more abundant to obtain than from LP stores and cheaper than the market.

Support usually means something physical, or potentially affecting something phyiscal. Like helping carrying shopping bags or sending money to people who suffered from a severe earth quake.

I recommend rewording the “support” part in your initial post, because it’s too vague and can be misleading.

Thanks for answering my question! I’m not sure I like giving indirect isk rewards, but i nonetheless like the idea of giving vanity items that encourage loyalty to a faction.

My point in regards to indirect isk rewards: Simply declaring yourself something should not be enough to gain rewards, otherwise farmers will jump on the free (indirect) isk until it’s literally worthless, cheapening the whole point.

Actually spawning faction rats would be a good idea as well.
Coreli Corp guys can easily bring out some shadow serpentis cruisers in their activities!

Most PvPers likely won’t accept this and you’re basically asking to have your node drained of processing power by rats who would be doing your job, even more so when both sides spawn NPCs.

Have your corp join Factions.

/problem solved

I agree that a wide ranging review of RP-based loyalties would be great.

It could include things like militia membership, NPC corp and faction standings, and declared loyalties, and importantly what that means in terms of risks and rewards.

I can immediately see where there would be some complications when it comes to groups who are support sub-factions, or don’t fit as neatly into various pigeon holes as they otherwise might.

In terms of rewards, for actual gameplay, I think NPC rats actions should be more reflective of standings. So pilots with high Serpentis standings would not be aggressed by Serpentis belt rats, for example. When it comes to assistance during PvP, that becomes much more complicated. I also think the LP stores should be used for cosmetic items like apparel and SKINs.

Incidentally, the declared loyalties (linked above) were intended to be used by CCP as potential contacts for NPC characters during various events ingame, but as far as I can remember didn’t get a lot of use in the end.

The thread also serves as an example of the limitations of what’s considered a legitimate faction that someone can be loyal to. My CEO at the time, I, and a number of my corpmates, all declared our loyalties, in line with established lore canon, but because this didn’t fit into a pre-defined list of options for the purposes of the thread, our declarations were removed, and so we don’t appear and were not included.

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