Help for solo pilot from Race Factions - Make content for solo players accessible

Hi everyone,

I want a support npcs which can be bought for LP /PLEX from race factions. So a solo player can experience a pvp by himself and does not to be afraid of huge alliances. Exploring a null sec/ low sec and then if attacked by players he can “call” immediate support from a race faction which will instawrp an X-amount of ships to his aid and fight on his side. Right now for example I have got a >5 standing to Mordus Agents but cant do them because some russian Corp had occupied the only level 4 Mordus Agent. Its not fair. I pay for content but if I cant access it alone in a casual solo gameplay why should I pay for it ? Its like paying for Pay-TV but in order to access it you need to be a member of some sect or something. Please fix it.

Sounds hilariously exploitable.


A few things that are an issue with this and I’m mostly a solo-activities person myself:

1: Any human group of reasonable intelligence will toast any NPC’s you throw at them. Additionally, they are probably running the same missions you are, having occupied that space, and thus would have access to the exact NPC’s in the same encounter, with them having the advantage of more players being able to summon their pets. The only net change to the game is worse lag and more complaints that no one can PVP solo in this environment.

2: Try making friends? You don’t have to do everything in a fleet with your new friends, but getting a group together to bash something for profit is not as hard as some people make you believe, especially if you are already doing missions for a pirate group. You could also try to make friends with the occupying group or offer them a service they need in exchange for access to the space they are occupying. Depending on the group, you’ll possibly be doing the exact same solo activities you normally do for a tax hit to fund your group’s SRP, or possibly joining a fleet occasionally in a corp-provided ship to meet a corp goal. PvP corps will also train you in their style of PvP and it’s not all just standing in a line and pressing F1.

2A: Once you have these friends, the module you seek is called a Cyno.

3: I would like to see roving NPC agents in low-sec tied to the highsec FOB pirates where you can interact with those agents to build up rep and get aggression from the FOB’s removed from yourself + LP in exchange for services. You’d have competition over them, but they wouldn’t be limited to a single corp holding one or two systems and blocking all access. This seems systemically possible with the current mining mission beacons. Set the spawn/despawn rates to a reasonable level and you have a ready-made solution to the station camping problem that encourages movement and more interactions. This gives newbie players a chance to do pirate missions on a limited basis and not rely on the benevolence of station camping entities.


Mostly solo atm myself. Best bet; a nice ship that can evade players but mash rats.

I had a hilarious blind Widow once.

AutoTargetting missiles and a bank of warp stabs.

Thats sounds awesome.

Evaded a TEST gang back during Delve.

Brilliant fun.

MMO as in multiplayer.


This would become Pay to win, though.

The side with the biggest wallet, can hire the most NPC scouts, and therefore bring the most numbers and win.

I gauruntee you that if this started, people will have huge roaming bands of NPCs, and you will be back here complaining for nerfs and limits, and in the end this will all be removed.


I’ll be as succinct as possible HTFU.


What one solo player can do, a fleet of players can do better.

The solo player is still no better off.


the only multiplayer that happens is if your lucky incursions and pvp fleets, both of which ive seen soloed by just having more alts, so than your looking at only large incursions and massive fleets.

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