Hello Kinine,

If the Guristas Corp is at +7.44 standing and the Guristas Faction is currently at -2.9 standing, then all you need to do is get the Guristas Faction above -2.00 standing for access to level 5 Agents in that Guristas Corp.

If you don’t have Diplomacy skill trained up to level 5, then do that first. Hopefully after training that up your Guristas Faction will be above -2.00 standing. If so, then you should be able to access level 5 Agents in the Guristas Corporation. Next make sure you have Social and Criminal Connections skills trained up.

If you already have Diplomacy max trained and your Guristas Faction is still below -2.00 standing, you can run missions for the level 1 Guristas Cosmos Agent. Hopefully that will boost your Guristas Faction above -2.00 standing and allow you to access level 5 Agents in the Guristas Corporation.

Another option is to complete the level 3 Guristas Epic Arc (can be repeated every 90 days) to gain over 30% standing to Guristas Faction. Completing that should put you above -2.00 standing and give you access to the level 5 Agents in that Guristas Corp.

There’s 3 different starting Agents for the level 3 Guristas Epic Arc, hopefully you have +3.00 or higher standing with one of those Factions for access to the Epic Arc:

Agent = Arment Caute
Agent Level = 3
Corporation = Federal Intelligence Office
Faction = Gallente Federation
Location = Orvolle system (Arment Caute’s Lachesis in Orvolle)

Agent = Atma Aulato
Agent Level = 3
Corporation = Ytiri
Faction = Caldari State
Location = Obe system

Agent = Yada Vinjivas
Agent Level = 3
Corporation = Guristas
Faction = Guristas
Location = Taisy system

Hope that helps, may you have much success and good luck.

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Hello Michael,

Thank you for you precious advises.
I already have Social & Diplomacy skills at max, and Criminal Connections at 4.
I also recently went to see lvl 1 Cosmos agent , risquing my life in Vale of Silent Space.
Since Two weeks serving the Gurista cause my Gurista Pirate standing rises 4 times to reach -2.9:

  1. +0.111 sharing with another character the lvl1 storyline mission “Material for war preparation”.

  2. +0.234 providing 20 of Amber Cytoserocin to lvl1 Cosmos agent Ocho Shusiian.

  3. +0.234 providing 20 of Amber Cytoserocin to lvl1 Cosmos agent Fetosa Kanim.
    I also went to talk to Ozomi Obanen, another lvl 1 cosmos agent near by but strangely he doesn’t accept to talk to me because of my standing !!! Any way.

  4. +0.029 sharing with another character the lvl1 storyline mission “A special Delivery”.
    I did many other lvl 1 storyline missions shared and alone but none of them provides me with any rise of Guristas Pirate standing.

My only hope is the lvl 3 Epic Arc Agents:

  1. The option Agent = Arment Caute is excluded:
    Location = Orvolle system (Arment Caute’s Lachesis in Orvolle)
    My standing with the Corporation = Federal Intelligence Office is 1.2 less than 3
    My standing with the Faction Guristas Pirates -2.9 less than 2

  2. Atma Aulato, haven’t the required standing.

  3. Yada Vinjivas the same thing.

  4. … There is no 4…

WHOOPSIDAISIES !!! I am done !!

PD: At list this post helps me to take stock of my situation and maybe it helps other pilots ! Thank you anyway !!

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Well, actually there is a 4.


There’s some Guristas Cosmos Agents located in Caldari High Sec - Okkelen Constellation.

There’s only 5 total, a lv 1, lv 2 and three lv 3 Agents.

Level 1 Agent = Tatsuo Rahkamo
Location = Ihakana System - Hangman’s Hill (low-sec system)
Faction = Guristas Pirates

There’s also some Level 1 Blood Raider Cosmos Agents in Null Sec that will give derived standing gains to Guristas Faction:


I suggest you run those last few Cosmos Agents ( 1 Guristas, 4 Blood Raider) to help gain as much Guristas Faction standing as you can. It probably won’t put you above -2.00 standing but it will definitely get you close to it.

Then you’ll just have a little grinding to do with level 1 Guristas Agents for Storyline offers to get above -2.00 standing. Once you get above -2.00 Guristas standing, you can access the level 3 Guristas Epic Arc with the Guristas starting Agent:

Starting Agent = Yada Vinjivas
Agent Level = 3
Corporation = Guristas
Faction = Guristas
Location = Taisy system

By the way, definitely train Criminal Connections to level 5, that works similar to the Connections skill in that it raises any current positive standings with Pirate Factions. As always, may you have good luck and much success.


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Dear Michael,

I just can says thanks !!! All those agents speack to me ! I don’t fill alone any more in this universe !! It is my last chance and I will take it. Thanks again.

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Great, glad to hear that.

Definitely let us know if those last few Level 1 Cosmos Agents get you above -2.00 Faction standing with Guristas.

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So the travel was quiet long but at the end after seeing all cosmos agent (Guristas and and Blood ryder) my new Guristas Pirate Standing is -2.27 ! Now and after all those exiting travels go back to the long and tedious lvl1 Guristas mission :weary:. TY your advices have been efficient and profitable !

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You’re very welcome.

That’s excellent progress for just doing some level 1 Cosmos Agents, definitely a lot closer to accessing the level 3 Guristas Epic Arc.

Unfortunately yeah, gotta grind regular level 1 missions for Storyline offers now. But that shouldn’t take too long, you’re now at -2.27 and only need to get above -2.00 Faction standing for access.

Just keep your eye on the goal and you’ll soon be there.

Thanks for posting the update.



I can’t recommend “The Plan” highly enough.

I’ve used it to dig 3 characters out of trouble and get them unlocked for all the Epics including the pirate ARC’s. The information contained here does an excellent job of making the complex rep system easy to understand and navigate.

Thanks so much for putting this together.



Hello Locutious,

Thank you very much for posting this positive review, it’s good to know ‘The Plan’ helped you gain access to all of the Epic Arcs. I wish you much success in maintaining good standings with all Empire Factions.

Thank you once again.


Probably one of the best eve community. I can only recommend it !


Thank you very much.

Even though ‘The Plan’ was created 10 years ago, it’s still as effective and viable today as it was back then.


I’ve added a link to the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] thread in the ‘Helpful Info Links’ section of this thread.


hey man, quick question…

regarding faction warfare, you know how those play into standings? looking at eve wiki table is a bit confusing…

from my understanding, as long as I don’t do FW missions or complete plexes, I can shot whom ever I want and standings won’t change?

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That’s not entirely true, as you will take a standings hit to the militia/corp whose ships you destroy. After spending some time in low sec I have terrible standings with State Protectorate, Tribal Liberation Force and 24th Imperial Crusade and bad standings with Federal Defense Union & Federal Navy Academy… and I wasn’t in FW :slight_smile: Having said that, it wasn’t bad enough to ruin faction standings with the 4 major factions, though the Min faction standings are only just positive (I have run copious amounts of L4 missions for Caldari, Amaar & SoE).



Ah, so that’s what became of Timshae and the funny hat dudes. ok

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Yeah, @Cypr3ss_Deteis is correct.

You’ll incur negative standings with the Militia Corps for destroying their ships. However it won’t impact your Faction standings.

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Yes, definitely a good business move to combine their standing service with another large standing service.

I might have formed my questions badly, I don’t really care about militia corps, I only wonder about actual empire standings

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Well, it won’t affect Faction standings but it’ll definitely affect Corporation standings and your security status.

After careful consideration due to conflicting interests and the fact that ‘The Plan’ is a self-help guide and not an in-game service for hire, I’ve decided to remove the United Standings Improvement Agency link from the original post of this thread.