🏭 Manufactorum. - Hi-Sec Industries - newbro friendly

"A Manufactorum is a fortress-factory, building weapons of war and defending itself from interlopers." - WH40K

Our corporation is comprised of veteran combat pilots and industry focused individuals. The directors have been together for years, running corporations and even null sec alliances. We are US TZ and have a love for all aspects of the game. Our desire is to build an industrial backbone to churn out ships for a sister pvp corp (phase 2), so bring all your toons. We are looking for mature players (18+; not for content, but for wisdom): miners, builders, and combat pilots. We can teach those willing to learn - newbro friendly. Free skillbooks and borrow-to-buy ships for members.

Don’t just be in the corporation, become an integral part of our team. Build with us. Grow with us.

  • Private auth server and website
  • Discord
  • Max-Boost Mining fleets
  • Ore/Salvage Buyback
  • Industry and logistics infrastructure
  • Private Engineering Complex (no cost for members)
  • Missions/Ratting
  • Low taxes
  • Casual PvP

No type of play is mandatory, must be active player. Play eve the way YOU want to play.

Please join our in-game channel ‘Manufactorum. Pub’, send me a message, or leave a reply here if you are interested or have any questions.

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