🏭 Manufactorum. - Hi-Sec Industry and PvE

(AirMarshall Gearbox) #1

Manufactorum. [C0GS.] is looking for additional members!

A Manufactorum is a fortress-factory, building weapons of war and defending itself from interlopers." - WH40K

C0GS. is a well-established, casual community that provides a relaxed environment for its members to thrive in whatever field they prefer. Our main focus is PvE and industry - however, our members are involved in just about every other area that EVE has to offer. Our base of operations is a dead-end hi-sec system close to trade and mission hubs with a secondary base near low sec. We also have members that operate in J-space.

What can C0GS. offer you?

> A Safe Haven - Our dead-end system makes undocking less risky. In system we have a Raitaru with manufacturing, research, and invention services and an Athanor with reprocessing facilities (T1 rigged). All services in these structures are free to corp members. We have access to 20+ moon-mining Athanors a few systems away in coordination with our low sec partners.

> Money making opportunities - For combat pilots - a mission hub one system over, allows for easy access to level 2-4 agents. For industrialists - Maximum boost mining fleets and gas huffing opportunities through WHs. We also have pilots that run abyssal sites and special events when they happen. Low-sec moon mining operations twice per week: mine the goo > hand it in > get paid isk.

> Guidance - Our members have been playing for decades and have the knowledge and experience that comes with years of surviving. We have been involved in nearly every aspect of Eve over the years and have taught many new players.

We have a varied crew of experts and you’re sure to find someone around who is knowledgeable about your interest.

> "Industrial Combat Specialists"

  • Relaxed community always happy to help out.
  • RL first attitude - all fleets are completely optional.
  • Experienced members.
  • Discord server for communications.
  • Corporate blueprint collection.
  • Access to many structures in low and high sec.
  • Low tax.

> Who are we looking for?

  • Mission Runners
  • Miners
  • Builders
  • Event Runners
  • Anyone

We are looking to grow our corporation and expand operations. Alpha and new bro friendly. No activities are mandatory. Play how you want to play!

Join channel “Manufactorum. Pub” and talk to one of our recruiters, leave a reply below or send an in-game mail to AirMarshall Gearbox or Vas Havar.

Check us out at c0gs.org

LF friendly corp
Laid back, active EU pilot looking for new home!
New player looking for corp
LF a Corp
(Cngaar Aya) #2

Friendly bump. Good group of guys. My corp was with them before we became dirty wormholers.

(AirMarshall Gearbox) #3

Thanks! How’s that hole of yours? :wink:

(Miezip Eclipse) #4

would u share your discord to the public ?

(Parvo killskeen) #5

just joined ur pub looking for a recruiter

(AirMarshall Gearbox) #6

would u share your discord to the public ?

Yes, here is a link to our discord server: https://discord.gg/qUHvtkQ

edit: updated link

(AirMarshall Gearbox) #7

Hello Parvo. We are US timezone, as such no one will be in-game until a little before 00:00 Eve time. Feel free to join our discord server as I tend to check in on that during the day.

(AirMarshall Gearbox) #8

Daily bump for US TZ.

(The Black Mantis) #9

+1 for the WH40K reference!

Good luck!

Free bump ^

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(Nystel Kalfren) #10

Hey Gearbox, just wanted to let you that I am still here. I got Discord on my phone but the server did not come up. All my other ones did. I tried to use the link in this thread but it has exspired.

I look forward to gaming with you guys Wednesday night!! o7

(AirMarshall Gearbox) #11

@Nystel_Kalfren I updated the link above.

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Daily bump

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Daily bump

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Daily bump. Added website link.

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Daily bump

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Daily bump

(Radamus) #17


What/which mission hub??

Are you guys under constant war dec??

(AirMarshall Gearbox) #18

Hi Radamus. I will not give out our exact system on the forums for security reasons, however I can tell you that we live in an dead end system 8 jumps from Amarr. There is a mission hub one system over. We have only been wardec’d once in the last year and it ended in 0 kills.

(Radamus) #19

Thanks for the reply! Ill hit you in game next couple of days.

WH40K :+1:

(AirMarshall Gearbox) #20

Daily bump.