🏭 Manufactorum. - Hi-Sec Industry and PvE


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Hi guys,
I have been with this Corp for only a short amount of time but these guys have such knowledge and direction of EvE, that it makes playing/relearning this game sooo much more enjoyable. The leadership has a direction and focus. If you are looking for a more of chill relaxing atmosphere and would like to socialize in Discord on a daily basis. Give Manufactorum. a look. Drop in our recruitment channel or hop on Discord. That info is on the OP. Also check out our own website for further information. It is also located on the OP but I will link it here too. Be well and fly safe. o7



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Been with these dudes 10 days now and couldn’t be happier. Very chill atmosphere here to do whatever you want and with support if and when you need it.

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(Pumbler unknown) #36

Just signed up with this crew management have a great amount of knowledge of eve
really laid back and friendly corp worth a look if you are after a relaxed crew

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Come have a chat with us https://discord.gg/qUHvtkQ

(Warpanda Musana) #38

Im looking for an industrial corp i have around 5.6m sp mostly in industrial and mining. I would like to learn more into industry, Im canadian and i play a lot.

Message me for more info.

have a nice day.

(StarRunner Warphound) #39

Hey guys this is StarRunner Warphound. I have just join and moved my stuff to the corp. I need an invite to get my alt in the corp as well. Her name is Minerta Warphound. I use her to mine while I boost in my Porpoise. Thanks

(Tar Habui) #40


Your corp is exactly waht I am looking for but I am not sure that I am good for it.
I am a newbie wanting to run missions and to begin manufacturing things.
Beside my lack of a lot of experience I cannot use a mic because I play in my living room and my familiy usually watch tv at the same time.
If that’s not enough I play in EU timezone (1500 to 1800 eve time mostly).
Do you think I’ll have an oportunity to join your ranks?