[FARCY] Forced Content - C5 PVP Corp Looking for Pilots

Forced Content is a (newly re-established) wormhole PVP corp that is now taking the fight to high-class space. We’re looking for pilots interested in small-gang PVP to join our ranks and help create a strong core group of pilots to have fun and shoot internet spaceships. We pride ourselves on being a laid back group where real life actually does come first and we don’t always take each other too seriously. (This is only a game after all, and a place where we can come to forget about reality and enjoy socializing with internet space friends!)
We’ve only recently started rebuilding and currently live in a C5 Wormhole with a C5 Static. Our static provides the PVP content (Bob willing), as well as some of the best ISK/per hour in game.

Currently looking for pilots who have:

  • 15 million SP (Flexible for strong candidates)
  • PVP Experience
  • Willingness to train and fly doctrines
  • Proficiency at scanning
  • Second USEFUL account (Not required but preferred)
  • Positive attitude and to have fun!

What we currently offer:

  • Discord for communication
  • Galaxy Finder for mapping
  • Loot for scout who finds PVP
  • C5 Static for endless content
  • Small-gang PVP Experience
  • Limited SRP ( dictors, ceptors, 50% of logi )
  • Infrastructure for Gas Reactions
  • Great ISK making opportunities
  • A few pretty cool dudes to hangout and chat with

Our current short-term goals:

  • More frequent organized PVP fleets (including chain hunting, rolling for content, NS/LS roams, and BLOPS)
  • Building full infrastructure for all of our member’s needs.
  • Disrupting “Roach Fleets”
  • Continue to grow and develop a strong, experienced group of active PVP players.

If you’re looking for a place where you can make a true impact and directly be involved in helping create a C5 PVP corp from THE GROUND UP then consider joining our adventure.

Currently recruiting all timezones!

Our in-game channel “FARCY Pub”

zKillboard - Forced Content | Corporation | zKillboard

Discord - https://discord.gg/EPXPJTT3NB

If interested in recruitment contact Liam Europa

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