The Golden Dawn is Looking for Wormhole PVP Pilots (C5)

The Golden Dawn is a C5 wormhole group focusing on nanogang and small gang pvp. Our two time zones are USTZ and AUTZ.

We are 7 experienced ex-kspacers all looking for better content and to live our own way in wormhole space. Completed an eviction for a foothold and have now moved to a c5 with c5 static, and have now dropped a fortizar. We also have an athanor for those interested in bringing in mining toons (also looking for an indy guy to lead that - we get through ships fast).

What we have:

  • C5 cataclysmic variable with a fortizar (i.e capital support)
  • C5 static for ratting (plus homies to rat with)
  • Strong and experienced pvp base of mature players
  • Discord and pathfinder services
  • A corp that actively seeks out small gang content
  • No blues
  • Freedom to play the game the way you want

What we want:

  • 2-5 experienced pvp focused (or 1-2 indy focused) players
  • Must use comms (non-negotiable)
  • Omega account 20m sp+
  • Bonuses if you have great t3c, trig or armor skills

We have no preference for wormhole experience - just as long as you have EVE experience.

If interested please reply here or evemail Jerry Hojbjerg (AU) or lostcustody08 (US/# 1 username global) in game.

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bump! come fly small-gang with us, and earn some big c5 buckos.

Good people. If you love crazy Australians and wh space this is your place.

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damn forgot to bump for a while



bumppppppppppeddy bump

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