AU/US C4/3/5: Looking for Experienced WH/Smallgang Pilots

The Golden Dawn is an AUTZ/USTZ (looking to build our US group further!) C4 corp intent on shooting spaceships, and shooting spaceships first.

We’re a small group (~20), but are super active whilst making sure to be laidback.

What we hope you want:
⦿ C2 with c5/ns statics, great for content along with ratting opportunity
⦿ Active and mature players
⦿ Pathfinder, discord, SeAT - guess we’re tech nerds now
⦿ Group that ACTIVELY searches for content, rather than complaining about a lack of it
⦿ Almost zero blues
⦿ Freedom to play however you want
⦿ Laidback atmosphere with your standard EVE Australian comms

What we want:
⦾ Omega account 20m SP+
⦾ Experienced (or getting there) + PVP focused
⦾ Mic and english speaking. this one is non-negotiable
⦾ AU/UStz
⦾ You look for content, rather than shying away from it. shooters active in the next hole? that’s a reason to undock your drake, not your higgs megathron.

Join our discord below or contact Jerry Hojbjerg (AU) or Skeat Gray (US).

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bumping the thread. join to help put together the 100 reasons we love phoenix1813.

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good fight today! fun flying with everyone involved! Related Kills | J144153 | 2022-01-02 17:00 | zKillboard

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still growing - get in while ya can.

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