Recruitment currently closed, thank you

Recruitment is currently closed

Greetings US and EU time zone pilots, (hopefully AU as well)

Reload This. is a wormhole PVP corp that is based out of a C5 Red Giant nicknamed Inferno. This corp was formed from various friends in the WH community. Our main activities include PVP, PVP and some more PVP in any incarnation, we like to engage in any fight we can get our hands on. We are a pretty laid back group of guys, RL always comes first. We reward pilots that create and find content, but if you like to do other things while waiting for a ping we have an undock button for you.

Reload this. is a core group of pilots that have extensive wh history and experience, however wh experience is not required, we’re willing to teach anyone who wants to learn the C5 wormhole life.

What we offer:

  • A C5 red giant with Isk making opportunities.
  • Farm holes for those that wish to pursue above average isk per hour farming.
  • Industry for those who like it, we have a decent setup for industrial activities.
  • Veteran wh players who know the game area in and out.
  • 100% corp funded SRP
  • Capital pilots welcomed, you will undock.
  • Null roaming.
  • Nano fights!
  • 100% loot rights to the person that scouted it (Members have made billions with pvp.)
  • Corp ran evictions.

Prefered Pilots:

  • Be able or close to flying 1 of the following:
    DPS. Ham Loki, Munnin
    Logi. Guardian, Scimitar
    Support. Bhaalgorn, Web Loki, Devoter, Neut Legion, Huginn, Latchesis, Broadsword, Onyx
  • TS3 microphone and headset.
  • Omega clone. (requirement)

Extra Credit:

  • Have prior wormhole experience.
  • Have a scanning alt.
  • A capital alt.
  • Sabre alts.
  • Wanna start up a AU tz group. (most of my playtime)

If you are interested in joining you can come chat with us, msg one of us directly in game or discord.

In game contacts : Jimmy Michaels, Felony Assualt , KrunK EnstinE

In game pub chat: Reload This. (don’t forget the period)

Discord: (Best way to get ahold of someone.)

Reserved, also still recruiting

Still searching for that special some one.

Looking for PVP pilots.

Hey mate, keen for a chat, sent you a message in game

Open recruitment, drop us a line

Wormhole pilots needed, get you’re kill boards buffered

Targets in chain, need more pilots!!

Building a decent fleet. Still need a few more pilots

Hop on discord to have a chat.

Drop us a line in our pub chat, lets talk.

Looking to “bump” our numbers, drop me an ingame mail

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