The Golden Dawn | C2 NS/C5 Statics EUTZ -Open Recruitment-

The Golden Dawn - EUTZ C2 NS/C5 Statics

Are you looking for a wormhole corporation that offers fun, mischief, and PVP? Then you should consider joining The Golden Dawn! We are a group of players who enjoy the challenges and rewards of wormhole life.

We live in a C2 wormhole with NS/C5 statics, which gives us access to a variety of content and income sources. We use Pathfinder and Discord to stay organized and connected.
We welcome players from all time zones, but we are mainly active in EUTZ. We don’t have any strict activity or participation requirements, as we understand that real life comes first. We value quality over quantity, and we respect each other’s playstyles and preferences.

What we are looking for:

  • Omega account with at least 15m SP (we can be flexible if you are a good match)
  • Basic PvP skills and willingness to learn and improve
  • Scanning skills or willingness to learn how to scan
  • Mic and English speaking (this one is mandatory)
  • Full auth - SeAt all ESI scopes
  • Ability to work as a team and/or solo; wormhole space can be unpredictable

What we offer:

  • A friendly and supportive corp culture that values fun and learning
  • A wealth of wormhole knowledge and experience that we are happy to share
  • A home in a C2 with great statics for content and income
  • A laid-back atmosphere with casual comms and no drama
  • A chance to improve your skills and become a better pilot

Join our Discord server or contact Sir GranD Only, Ripper Cell (EU US via evemail) to find out more about our corp and how you can apply. We look forward to seeing you in The Golden Dawn!


Join the The Golden Dawn Discord Server!

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