Fearless Battle Puppies is selectively recruiting small gang EU PvP pilots!

We are a pvp-community based in a C3 WH. The C3 has a nullsec static, which gives us easy access to content. By rolling our static, we can find targets faster than by filamenting or gate-roaming. As a bonus, if we run into something too tough to fight in our current ships, we have the option to head back to the WH to reship.

We value independence and initiative highly. We run a flat organization, and there won’t be a team of FCs shouldering the responsibility of generating content. We expect all our pilots to proactively try to find content when online. However, we have Roams on most EU evenings, thanks to our small, but very active playerbase.

It is also required that you are able to finance your PvP on your own, there is a limited SRP and some money making opportunities that we can help you get set up with.

Interested? Please join our discord linked below - we can do a trial period where you will be our guest in the WH. This way, we can get to know each other and find out if it is a good match.

We consider ourselves a community more than we consider ourselves a corporation. Many of the people who fly in our fleets are friends from other corps or alliances, and you are welcome to fly with us without leaving your current arrangements.

Discord invite link: The Mad Menagerie
Our humble KB: Fearless Battle Puppies | Corporation | zKillboard

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Looking forward to talking to any small gang applicants! While experience is great, mindset is the most important thing!

To the top!





had some great fights recently, great to have a few new friends to fly with. Still looking for more!

Great group of people. If your looking for small gang this is the place to be!


somehow we seem to find an orca every other roam, are you really sure you want to miss out? come say hello! :smiley:


small gang is where it’s at! high adrenaline fights! come check it out! :smiley:

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