February 2019 Release - General Feedback

well i did last years gala event i really like it and though it was fun and loved the reward system…2019 why did you guys change so much?? i dont even like doing these sites now, reward system is not supposed to be this hard spend over a day to even make 1 booster,is not my idea of fun… 1 site i get 2000 ore gives me 1 bar then i need 42 to make a booster, you got to be kidding me. the respawn timer between sites in my system are so long omg iv been waiting here over 40 min now and nothing…i will not be doing this event take to much time to do anything and reward isnt worth all that time… last year was so good it was worth it. and i liked it…and all the other events until around christmas you started changing the event into something not fun and hard as hell to get stuff…like why make it so hard to make the skill booster come on ya massively broken

Well i must say the latest Event is a joke,it vague and not very clear regarding what you need to do,all ive done is wasted alot of Ammo,more ships keep warping in when you’ve destroyed the first lot,and i cant get to mine the rubbish you need to produce the accelerators.And the loot is total rubbish!

Is the reprocesessing rate correct?

2 - 3 sites (providing you get them all to yourself or they don’t despawn while docking to get the barge out) to repro into 5 of the thingies?

Seems a bit intense man.

And on the subject of accelerators, over the course of these events for the last few years we have seen a few ways of obtaining these.

It’s great having BP’s for making them, but only for those with the skills, it feels like the newbros, rookies and casuals are realy missing out.

In the previouse events where the accelerators have droped and been in abundance, sure the market gets flooded and there is a odd curve in in that they sell for loads at first, then bottom out, then rise a bit just before expiry. but This was much better at spreading the skill boost love, I was even able able to just contract them to new players that had lost ships trying the events I had so many.

Drop the +6’s they are just lame, It’s depressing only having them when much better are in game but feel unavailable to you. Make the +10’s drop like rain in Manchester and make the +12’s craftable from BP’s.

edit* Also having a blueprint as a agency reward feels duff, something not immediately usable is not much of a gift. Have the BPC’s drop but the reward prefabricated.

That’s my 1̶0̶ …12 pence. :kissing_heart:

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Why is the respawn rate for the site so slow? I have ran 2 sites since the event start cause I cannot get another spawn. By the way, I have traveled through my constellation and used my agency map. Shows nothing. How can I even participate in the event and give feedback if I can’t run the sites? To me this is quite ridiculous.

This is the worst event ever. It had been hard to imagine events could get any worse but you’ve managed it. Once upon a time it was possible to make decent isk out of an event, but I guess you worked that out, hence this new idea that we have to pay for loot now. So far the tickets have cost 95 mil to redeem, and I made 34 mil in loot. I could mention status bars greyed out, overview stopped working for a while, and points no longer given, but seriously why bother.


I played the gala event for 5hours ran 7 event beacons and this is what i got.

35 points total. I killed all ships includingthe boss each time.

3 tickets. For some reason i didnt recieve a ticket each time i cleared an area.

Total rewards from my 3 tickets equalled less then 3m isk.

I spent at least 40m in ammo and repairs.

Missions stop restting after doing them a single time. I bought the ore from a market and it did not trigger the event 5 points. It never triggered i spent way too much on that stuff.

Finding the galas areas was easy but again all missions were greyed out for the entire time of playing and this was after multiple resets cache clears and shut downs.

All in all after playing it for 5 hours buying the ore ammo and repairs i was down about 60m with nothing but 35 points to show for it.

Not a good experiance for me.


Neocom-bar icons look like that (heavy bold and highlighted), only when i click one of them they look normal again, anyone else?

same here

“”"“Improved the performance of the personal assets window slightly.”’’’
just wondering why that the ability to place a button on the neocom to open each hanger separately was removed(item, ship, corporate). having each to open individually allows them to be opened compact.

Edit; posted in the wrong thread. Oops. Will take my feedback to the thread specifically for Guardian’s Gala instead.

?This event is impossible to mine: the ore despawns if you swap ships to get a miner (the wrecks are still there)
Plus, the refining outcome is garbage: it makes it pointless mining for such little return

Don`t you Devs ever learn? The more complicated you make it, the less interest there is (well done, driving people away with almost impossible rewards)

this event is a joke just for info i spend arround 1.5b in thoses “Lose boxes” for arround wining like 750mil worth of item.

Profit after thoses -750 mil
hm hm “Work as intended” is this the proof of ccp going for the scam box too?

Could you please give the “Do you really want to accept a duel” warning notification the “Do not show again” check box? It is very annoying to see this all the time when I know what I am doing.

There’s an option in general settings, IIRC, to disable duels… it achieves the same thing as a checkbox like you’re describing.

No, it does not. I do not want to see the warning when I duel. I need to duel, though.

Oh, does the checkbox in general settings mean you can’t send out duel requests, as well? I thought it just prevented any inbound requests from popping up that 30 second window.

I swear I’ve seen people advise people doing the freighter webbing duel option to make sure the freighter pilot has duels off, leave duels on with the webber toon, and then have the freighter duel request the webber toon.

Yes, that is exactly the case. And if you duel your webber, the webber constantly gets this annoying notification. I don’t care about noob safety, I know what I am doing and I do not need to see this notification more than once.

That’s a pity, then.

Yep, pretty crappy deal. No wonder my CEO likes to keep friendly fire on to not have to deal with constant duel pain between freighters and webbers… egad.

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