Federation of Freedom Fighters F-OFF *Founded 2004

Come Pew Pew with us. We are looking for all Time Zones as well.

If interested then join the in game channel F-OFF Recruits to speak to a recruiter today.

All you need is a ceptor, get to us, we will help you get PVP and PVE set up here. No asset stress.

We are still recruiting. Come join us in Sov Nullsec.

Come speak us, we offer everything!

Join our in game channel F-OFF NOW



Get in channel F-OFF NOW, lets make EVE a better place for you.

Come join the fray.

Join F-OFF NOW in game to talk to a recruiter

Join out in game chat F-OFF NOW

Looking for all PvP players to come join us in our quest for Pew.

We offer:

-Competent FCs
-Small/Medium gang roams
-Capital Warfare
-Sov bashing
-Structure demolition

If you want to join in on the fun then join the in game channel F-OFF NOW and speak to a recruiter.

It’s nice to see old players returning to the game. I wish you nothing but the best in your new Eve adventure !

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Thank you.


Seth and Riven are great people to play with. Always good kills when they’re around.

I miss flying with them. Best of luck to you all!

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Recruitment is still open.

Join the in game channel F-OFF NOW to speak to a recruiter

Back from Holiday, join our in game channel F-OFF NOW.

We will take you part time brother! Come play!

Done blowing money on junk for black Friday? Want to do something positive for yourself and your game time?
Check out F-OFF and come speak to us in our in game chat F-OFF NOW.


In game channel - “F-OFF NOW”