Federation of Freedom Fighters F-OFF *Founded 2004


(Justin Starr STARR) #21

Come Pew Pew with us. We are looking for all Time Zones as well.

If interested then join the in game channel F-OFF Recruits to speak to a recruiter today.

(Lord Seth) #22

All you need is a ceptor, get to us, we will help you get PVP and PVE set up here. No asset stress.

(Justin Starr STARR) #23

We are still recruiting. Come join us in Sov Nullsec.

(Lord Seth) #24

Come speak us, we offer everything!

(Lord Seth) #25

Join our in game channel F-OFF NOW

(Lord Seth) #26


(Lord Seth) #27


(Lord Seth) #28

Get in channel F-OFF NOW, lets make EVE a better place for you.

(Justin Starr STARR) #29

Come join the fray.

Join F-OFF NOW in game to talk to a recruiter

(Lord Seth) #30

Join out in game chat F-OFF NOW

(Justin Starr STARR) #31

Looking for all PvP players to come join us in our quest for Pew.

We offer:

-Competent FCs
-Small/Medium gang roams
-Capital Warfare
-Sov bashing
-Structure demolition

If you want to join in on the fun then join the in game channel F-OFF NOW and speak to a recruiter.

(gonoree) #32

It’s nice to see old players returning to the game. I wish you nothing but the best in your new Eve adventure !

(Lord Seth) #33

Thank you.

(Lord Seth) #34


(Ephemeral Waves) #35

Seth and Riven are great people to play with. Always good kills when they’re around.

I miss flying with them. Best of luck to you all!

(Justin Starr STARR) #36

Recruitment is still open.

Join the in game channel F-OFF NOW to speak to a recruiter

(Lord Seth) #37

Back from Holiday, join our in game channel F-OFF NOW.

(Lord Seth) #38

We will take you part time brother! Come play!

(Lord Seth) #39

Done blowing money on junk for black Friday? Want to do something positive for yourself and your game time?
Check out F-OFF and come speak to us in our in game chat F-OFF NOW.


(Lord Seth) #40

In game channel - “F-OFF NOW”