[F-OFF] Federation of Freedom Fighters

[F-OFF] is now recruiting active pilots in both USTZ and EUTZ!

Who is [F-OFF]?
[F-OFF] is a division of older men who have a lot of experience in Eve Online. From cranky old men to enthusiastic PvP players. We live in Pure Blind and are looking for more recruits to help us hold and take more sov space!

We all care about 2 things… ISK and fun. ISK is what makes eve go round and why play when you’re not having fun. Leave the complications to our Directors and CEOs. Come join us in our venture to destroy those who oppose us!


  • [F-OFF] As your ticker, fancy, right?
  • SOV Space
  • Fly in our campaigns essentially for free
  • Full Ship Repayment Program for doctrine ships that aren’t handed out upon being destroyed.
  • Moon Mining
  • Ore/Mineral/Ice Buyback Program
  • Industry Citadels
  • Freight Services
  • NewBro Flight Plan. We can get you having fun fast if you’re willing to do the work.
  • And many more perks.
  • OH Yeah, ISK!

What we require to join:

  • ESI Check
  • 5,000,000 minimal SP Requirement

What we require to stay:

  • Be active, respectful, responsive and communicate.
  • Omega Account. This can easily be maintained/acquired once you skill up via in-game revenue streams. You do not know da wae?..… we will show you.
  • Alliance Fleet PVP participation is mandatory. If you’re not already an adrenaline junkie you must be willing to go through the indoctrination process. “one of us, One Of Us, ONE OF US !!”
  • Have Fun. This is obviously the most important thing.

Any questions or want to join? Please feel free to contact Lord Seth, Zhon Finel , or join our recruiting channel “F-OFF Recruits”

We are still recruiting. :slight_smile: Come on over

The more the merrier. Lots of PVP where we are. Still looking for more recruits.

Recent Activity Update:

Still looking for new Pilots come join the fun !!

Let’s see more!!

Still recruiting

Hello, I’m new to Eve, looking to join a group that’ll get me into some action on it rather than making my way through the AI ran missions! They are getting boring!

Still actively seeking new recruits. Lots of PVP fun, SOV warfare and all that 0.0 goodness your looking for.

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Yup, we’re still looking. Come on in all. MUHAHAHAHA!


Contact us - F-OFF

:slight_smile: Daily bump


Still looking looking to share our glorious ticker [F-OFF] with the uninitiated. You know you want it.

Best Ticker in game :slight_smile:

Come Join us :slight_smile:

Daily F-OFF bump

You missed a great fight last night.


Don’t let it happen again.

Looking for players and corp mergers. Join us on discord to chat: https://discord.gg/HaTySDv
Also check out our in game channel: F-OFF Recruits.

O.o Taking dat sov day by day. The neutral state is fun!

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