FEDUP of being bored, Join Pipebomb Pinata!

Like fireworks? We aim to please, whether it’s your ship or your enemy’s, we’ll make sure something blows up. As part of Federation Uprising living in Immensea, we are a new-player friendly PVP and Industrial corporation, meaning we build stuff then go out and get it blown up while filling our wallets!

What we offer:

  • A care package for new players
  • New Pilot Friendly environment
  • Daily PvP fleets
  • Industry and PvP Activities
  • PvP/PvE training and advice (Sub-caps to Capitals)
  • SOV Null-sec Ratting and Mining
  • Corp Buyback Program
  • SRP (Ship Replacement Program)
  • Corp Blueprints
  • Hauling Service

Basic Requirements:

  • Teamspeak 3, Mumble and Discord
  • Fluent English
  • Full ESI/API check
  • Have a team player mindset

Interested or have questions? come chat! Join “PBP Recruitment” in game


if u need fun
come give us a chance :wink:



https://discord.gg/zAjgjzA come talk to us
u’ll like it :wink:

Closed by request of OP.