[.PBP.] PipeBombPiñata is recruiting. Tired of getting Req't?

PipeBompPiñata is really recruiting.
We are a part of Requiem Eternal so we are living in Impass.
Where we have a blast.
We have alot to offer but our main theme is: we promis something will blow up.
We are newcomer friendly but boy do we have alot to offer to all of you guys:

  • Daily PVP fleets from the lowliest small gang to giant CTA’s.
  • SRP for alliance and corp fitted ships
  • Moonmining
  • Ratting sites
  • Dead end system
  • Good intel channel
  • Friendly kind and mature people
  • Fun and lots of it

Wat do we expect in return:

  • That you enjoy the game
  • A mature and openminded mindset
  • Activity is fun but real life always comes first
  • Whilst logged in to be in fleet and Mumble
  • a full ESI check
  • Have fun <= cant say this enough

So got curious?
Give us a try you will like it :wink:
Either come down ingame to the amazing: PBP recruitment channel or you can come to discord for a talk


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