FIGHT US is a fun and relaxed corporation which focuses on having fun with our members and creating mayhem in eve. Whether its pvp, pve or mining, we do it all, and most importantly we do it together. We are a very chill community which operates on a real life first policy. We currently occupy the EU and US Timezones.

What We Offer

  • Null Sec Sov Space
  • Fully Stocked Null-Sec Market
  • Stable Corp Leadership
  • Corp And Alliance SRP
  • Isk For Pap Program (IFPP)
  • Corp Buyback Program (Ore & Salvage)
  • Daily Fun Fleets
    • Small Gang roams
    • Alliance Block Warfare
    • Blops Fleets
    • Gate Camps
  • Mining Fleets With Max Boosts
  • Make more isk than ever before
  • Opportunity To Rise Within The Corp Ranks
  • Make a lot of new friends

What we Require From You

  • A Working Mic
  • A can do attitude
  • Willingness To Participate in the Alliance and Corp
  • Willingness To Train Alliance and Corp Doctrines

If this sounds like a group you want to become a solid member of then join our ingame Public channel -FIT3US- and someone will start your app asap.

No one will ever hold a gun to your head here to do things you dont want to as real life and fun always comes first so SIGN up today and join the FUN

Join today…

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Join up today and be a part of something fun for the new year. lets enjoy this game together!

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Awesome group to hang with! I am new to the game and have been learning PVP and also earning solid ISK flow. The fleets are the best part!

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Sign up today for a chance to compete in our ‘beat the boss’ challenge… beat me in a straight up 1v1 and get a billion isk!.. I am still undefeated but you can dream right?! :slight_smile:

Love playing with this corp. I go out on roams 3-4 times a day with massive fleets and have a huge support network. The most fun I’ve had in Eve!

Happy new year people. join up and start the new year off with a bang

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Some good recruits so far but there is room for more… Join channel FIT3US in game today and start getting good fights

Fight us or flee us, everyone wants to be us

FIGHT US or else