A New Dawn, A New Chapter and a New You?! 🪐

A New and exciting Corporation on the horizon

Welcome to a great opportunity to be in the beginning stages of a new family born in New Eden. Fight US corporation is looking for some strong willed individuals who know the true value of family and comradery.

We are in the early stages of building a new group orientated corporation outside of the large bloc, with the ability to still make plenty of ISK :moneybag:

We are building our foundations out of NPC null sec and NPC Wormhole ( Thera ) so we can focus on the most important goals of our mission, Community

About the corporation

Fight Us is a community focused group aimed at PVP activities. We want to stir up the field with some interesting and exciting ways to fight out numbered and against the masses.

We are still growing our numbers but have great links to groups in the NPC region of Venal who have almost constant PVP action. If you want to make ISK there is Faction Warfare where making billions isn’t much of a challenge.

We are constantly reviewing our position and looking for opportunities to enjoy the game for what it is. We value each individual and do not have any requirements for ESI checks, DNA samples etc. We just want you to be present and part of our family!

Corporation Goals

Our main goal is to start small and grow with effectiveness over numbers. We want to be underestimated by our targets and surprise them with skill not mass.

Our goal is to build a group focused on community goals, ideals and efforts

We will use Thera and NPC null for our foundations with a plan to grow into our own farm holes and structures where and when necessary.

We will listen to our members for guidance

What can you expect

We are not a big group and we are in the very beginning stages of growing. You shouldn’t expect 24/7 activity within the first 6 or so months as we get established.

When we say we will do something, you had better know we will try everything to make it happen. Our word is our bond!

We are not going to get everything right and some of those mistake will be funny, Laugh at us and with us

Our leadership and FC’s will give you their time, energy, and experience . We will support you with anything we can.


Within our team we have got ex alliance leaders and FC’s. We have a vast amount of knowledge and experience along with humility (we are not know it alls)

Where do you join?

You can join by getting in touch with us in game via the chat channel [-15] Public

Join our Discord

Or msg here (Slowest response time)

We haven’t got much history yet, but you can certainly be part of the history to come!

Goign to be creating Havoc :stuck_out_tongue:

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