Finally , insurance worth buying for pve pros

(Altunha) #1

No need to to have cold sweats anymore when you are warp scrambled in Worlds Collide , finally an affordable and simple insurance plan for Eve PVE Enthusiasts !!

Here are the details!

How it works:

Insurance tiers:

30 day premium / coverage per insured ship




25mil/75 mil

50 mil/ 150 mil

100mil/ 300 mil

150 mil / 450 mil

200 mil / 600 mil

300 mil / 900 mil

400 mil / 1.2 bill

After 30 days if no claims were made , you can renew for another 30 days at 1/2 off the premium.

2.)If your ship is destroyed in a pve event , we will send you the value of destroyed isk from zkillboard within 24 hours. Please note only claims not involving pvp will be honored and only destroyed isk amount will be paid. Please make arrangements to loot your wreck as dropped items will not be paid. Getting concorded is not a regular PVE incident and will not be covered.

3.) Your coverage will last 30 days and basically you can make a claim against any killmail that was purely a pve incident. You can renew monthly at 1/2 of the original premmium if no claims were made.

4.)To buy supplmental insurance simply send isk to eve supplemental insurance ,please include the model of the ship you are insuring and choose a tier that is adequate for that ship. Ie . Dont insure a ship for 1.2 billion if its only worth 500 mill… And vise versa… I will probably monitor coverage requests and not allow these types of coverage.

5.)You can insure a ship for up to a maximum of 1.2 billion isk .

6.)In order to make a claim simply send your kill mail to us and we will send isk. Only the amount of destroyed isk will be paid. Once a claim is made on a policy and payment sent . You will have to renew your policy if you want to insure your next ship .

7.) Any question , input , advice email us, or join channel Eve Supplemental Insurance… or both…


(Jessica Ran) #2

And if you send me your isk I’ll double it for yah!!!

(Keno Skir) #3

You’re not even trying. At least try not to type your scam offer in all caps.

Oh yeah i’ll totally insure anyone too, for half the price this guy will. Get in touch via EvE-Mail or by calling 1-800-ALLCAPSMAKESMESEEMBUSINESSLIKE.

(DeMichael Crimson) #4

Years ago their use to be a lot of players selling various specialized services in-game to other players. Course CCP has pretty much killed off most of those business opportunities. I gotta admit in all my years as a community member of these forums, I’ve never seen an in-game service thread like this before.

+1 for definitely thinking outside the box.

Just wondering why the in-game kill report can’t be used for claim requests. I may be wrong but I think Zkillboard requires players to register their character first before kills are tracked and recorded.

Anyway, the only problem I can see is getting players trust. Maybe if a secure 3rd party verified that funds (probably need trillions) are actually available to back up the business claims then over time you’ll probably get clients.

Then again if this is just an elaborate scam, +1 for trying that as well.

(Altunha) #5

1.) Not sure if CCP will kill this idea or not… Im not sure if it violates EULA or not… i dont see how this is any different than say a freighter service.
2.)In game reports dont give me a good break down of value of items , dropped , destroyed… etc you dont have to register on z kill to make the kill boards…
3.) Trust yes… there lies the problem… in eve you can trust no one…
4.)3rd party … sounds too complicated. If its not simple its not fun … if its not fun … then why bother…
5.) I dont think i would need trillions… if I attempted to insure PVP’ers…then ya… PVE peeps tend to be very cautious . When i was a carebear i lost 1 ship every 6 months … maybe … but when i did … oh boy…
6.) NOT A SCAM. More worried about people trying to scam me on elaborate insurance fruad schemes that i probably have not even thought of. Just someone with an idea and tring to have fun with the Eve Sandbox.
7.) Insurance in EVE is a bad joke. Im trying to make the game a little better and have fun doing it. PVE only … sorry PVP guys… you guys like losing ships too much to be insurable… :slight_smile: … haha if nothing else maybe this post convinces CCP to start selling insurance worth buying which will pretty much kill this start up. :slight_smile:
8.) Never hurts to try …

(Altunha) #6

Got rid of Caps , sorry guys .

(DeMichael Crimson) #7

Yeah, you present some very good points. Secure 3rd party shouldn’t be tough to arrange, definitely something to think about.

And you’re right, never hurt’s to try. Hope you have good luck and much success.

(Giddy McFee) #8

Wish id known about this when I lost a 750m + rattlesnake a little while back

(Altunha) #9

Made some changes to the business plan to try to cover noobs in frigates and also pro’s in Marauders and pirate battle ships. Also Maxing coverage at 1.2 bil for now.

(Mark O'Helm) #10

So, no insurance for miners and missionrunner who gets ganked? You could require a screenshot of their latest ingame menu kill-log, to calculate their risc of being killed and adjust their payment.

(TheGuy Akachi) #11

LOL, tbh when I first read I thought that is what it was.

I mean I can see some advantages to it (if legit) like trying the pirate FOB or l4s in an experimental ship or something.

(system) #12

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