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(Salvatore Inkura) #1

WTB combat pilot, something in between a hybrid mission runner pvper

Not interested in capital skills

Post offers here, ty

(Michael Jew) #2
pass ; 1234

Awesome Killboard .

(Salvatore Inkura) #3

Logging in, contact me in game please

(Salvatore Inkura) #4

Offer at 20.5b as discusses in game

(Michael Jew) #5

Offer accepted !

(Salvatore Inkura) #6

ISK and account info sent, agreed to wait for ticket response on plex payment meThod

(Michael Jew) #7

Isk and account info Received , Ticket has been sent .

(Salvatore Inkura) #8

any info on the ticket yet?

(Michael Jew) #9

nothing yet , ticket bumped.

(Salvatore Inkura) #10

ticket has been attended and character is now in my account, ty

(system) #11

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