Hi sec loc
+ve wallet
All 4 Races Expert skills completed
No kill rights
2 Remaps available
T2 fitted Procurer pilot
T2 fitted Noctis pilot
T2 fitted Worm pilot
T2 fitted Moa pilot
T2 fitted Gnosis pilot
T2 fitted Drake pilot

10 bill OVNO

Please add you skills here ( ) and make it public, also same about the link you put above, it’s private.

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Where do I change it to Public ???

On your Character Icon → Sertings → Left side → Set to public

8 bil. , 24h

Not Quite Enough

9 bill

10 bil, bid retracted

I accept pse send details

you accept my 9 bill bid?

Go ahead send details

Please log in with the character that you are selling (372 Ghost) and confirm here on the forums that he is for sale.

I have sent you a message in game

Bid retracted as you seem to not understand the ruleset of the bazaar.

I have sold many characters since I started this game in 2006 and I do understand the rules…

Then post with the character for sale.

I will set up a new ad with correct character.