Fire sale, 4.7sp minni pvp spec, implants, 3 remaps(SOLD pending details)

All character trade rules apply, character has no standings, no kill rights, a small amount of hanger stuff located in hi sec, toon is located in a hi sec trade hub,

Fast sale b/o of 2b

This guy is ready to go, he has implants as shown on eve board, 1 remap and 2 bonus remaps, spec’d for pvp small ships (call him Mr Podkiller)

lets see what the day will bring,

1.6b offered

I offer the buyout of 2B.

2.3b b/o can do now

offer accepted, please send isk and acct (in game mail please)to send him to, to character as shown in post, i have to pop out for about 4 hours from the time of this post, I will send him as soon as I get back, which may be sooner than that,

All sent.

k, just got back, will log in and do the stuff…

06 Mar 2018 18:50

EVE Character transfer

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