Firefly Mining Industries Nullsec Corp, AU TZ Recruiting!

Hi there, I am Dan Samarian, the CEO of FIrefly Mining Industries, and I’m here to recruit YOU to join the Corporation and Mine with US today!

We are a part of a Coalition of 1000+ Members, and have a solid Alliance, with members on at all hours of the day.
Our Corporation is active every day, but as we are a new Corporation we have very little numbers to work with, which is why we need your help!

Our Target Recruitment Audience is as follows:

  • New Alphas that are serious about mining.
  • Experienced PvP’ers that would dedicate themselves to destroying Rats and attacking Enemy Alliances.
  • Haulers which can haul our mined resources to Jita or other big trade hubs.

We take a 5% cut of sales within our Corporation to feed our SRP (Ship Replacement Program) which will open once the Corporation wallet reaches a total of 100,000,000. The Corporation wallet will be used for no personal purchases and will only be spent to benefit the Corporation only.

We are a nullsec based Corporation but have stations in Low and High sec space as well, so just let us know where you are setting up camp and we will note that down!

A discord link has been added below which contains a fair amount of information about us and our goals. This is also probably the best spot to apply to the Corporation as there is a recruitment channel.

Thanks for your time, Dan Samarian - CEO of FIrefly Mining Industries

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