Firesale in Obe (Forge Lowsec): Nagfar, Sleipnir and Muninn

Liquidating some old assets in Obe via public contracts (Forge Lowsec), heavily discounted:

Naglar - Fully fit (faction guns): 3,5 Billion isk, selling for 3 billion isk

Sleipnir - Tanky fleet gankfit (T2 rigs, faction shield extenders): 575 million isk, selling for 500 million isk

Muninn, Shield dps , gank (T2 rigs):
(cant put in 3 links in 1 post, but contract is up in Obe, check evepraisal yourself: 282 million isk, selling for 200 million isk

They are all in the same Obe NPC lowsec station, dread is fueled so you can get the whole bunch out and make a nice profit / get a good deal

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