WTS Relic Naglfar [XL Torp launcher + Large Rigs] SOLD


Simple, I wish to sell a relic Naglfar.

She has 2 XL Torpedo Launcher I’s fitted, as well as 2 Hexa 2500mm Repeating Cannons.

In addition, she has 3 Large Capacitor Control Circuit I’s fitted in her rig slots.

The full appraisal is as following; Evepraisal - Appraisal yl5wo: 2.53 Billion Buy / 3.14 Billion Sell [2.53bn/ 3.14bn]

I will entertain any offers above 3.5bn.

Proof that it as actually fitted;

Item is still open to offers.


It’s in The Forge, Akora*


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