9x fully fit Naglfar

Selling 8 combat fit Naglfar located in Thakala, which is in a single jump range of Providence, Catch, Derelik, and The Bleak Lands.

All have the same fit: https://evepraisal.com/a/d09f7

Will sell for Jita Buy Price (2.88b), or if you buy 3 or more, 2.77b ea (All 9 for 25b)

Will also sell just the 9x Hulls for 13.5b if you don’t want the fit, or evemail me to arrange something if you want partial fits or whatever if you want them all.

EDIT: Actually 9 available, i missed one in the pile. :slight_smile:
**EDIT: Back down to 8, one sold.

If you’re interested ill offer you hull and rig price for the lot

The rigs are not pre-installed, just sitting in the cargoholds, so if you want just the 8 hulls for 12b, I can do that. If you want the rigs or any part of the fit, I can include them for jita buy price.

I was offering you hull and rig price for the lot all,fitted. If you have a bottom dollar PM me.

lol, no.

edit: 7 left

sent you a mail ingame

My offer still stands :slight_smile:

didn’t get any offer from you Johny

sent you a response

Sold out.

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