WTS Avatar - Sold

WTS fit Avatar with Nestor and plenty of fuel
Fit: Evepraisal - Appraisal 12jnrm: 70.26 Billion Buy / 72.31 Billion Sell
Location: Amamake KS

Make a (reasonable) offer. Not in a rush to sell.

Good evening. Is just the avatar hul available?

I can strip it down to the rigs, yes. Whats your offer?

I can offer 100B for the hul

ill set up the contract once i get home.

my apologies I have another seller offering me a lower price. If It falls through I will get in touch. Please wait to strip the rigs until I get ini touch with you. Thank you.

revised mail sent in game

i wasn’t going to strip the rigs… that’s mean. lol let me know

I’m still interested and sent you a mail in game.

Previous offer fell through.

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