[Lowsec, Derelik] WTS Avatar - T2 Hyperspatial rigs 135b + optional fit

As above, wanna sell Avatar rigged hull, T2 hyperspatial rigs mounted -asking 135b
Fit available aswell: https://janice.e-351.com/a/hq7HS0 9,8b split
Location: Derelik Lowsec NPC Station

Would like to offer your asked 135b for the hull. If accept, contract it to me. :slight_smile:

Sure, contract up. Extra 600k topes and 10k stront in fuel bay :slight_smile: Tyvm for quick response

Ari was first, more iskies are tempting but this is not the way I play this game. Will wait at least 48h for Ari’s move :slight_smile:

Accepted, thanks for the trade! :slight_smile:

Np, thanks for the quick sale!

Fly safe!

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