WTB Avatar Hull

Looking to buy an avatar hull (will consider offers with fit). Location is not super important.

PM with offers

Add me on discord have 1 for sale

Current Avatars I know of for sale
Avatar - 140b Lowsec
avatar in amamake 142bil
avatar 145 bil in Derelik
semi fitted Avatar Evepraisal - Appraisal 10q4v9: 73.75 Billion Buy / 80.92 Billion Sell T5Z
Avatar: Evepraisal - Appraisal 10p6jz: 72.88 Billion Buy / 76.17 Billion Sell - 140b
wts rigged avatar otsasai ls
PM me @CertifiedDefault#8751 in discord and I can put you in contact with any of those

I know one for sale for 135bil in amamake
Legacy large rigs

125b in t5z

still looking if anyone has one!

120B full fit Evepraisal - Appraisal 10wu7q: 80.02 Billion Buy / 90.04 Billion Sell

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