WTS Ragnarok and Avatar both in Hophib NPC station, both full combat fit, dual set guns ( short/long range )

as the tile say.
not in a hurry, so don’t try your “fire-sale” skills :wink: ain’t going to happen .

200b for both!!!

Oh wait no Fire Sale?? Dammit. Nvm :smiley:

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That’s a nasty lowball offer, didn’t expect from you.

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Idk what you mean :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s asking price?

Evemail me the fits please

Hmm price for ragnarok ?

it has full set guns, t2, full of fuel, all modules for passive and active fits, lots of ammo

tomorrow will post you the rag fit, for this i am looking for 66b given that i just payed 12 to recover it ><

tomorrow will fly there with my Rag pilot to extract it from safe assets, remotely fit is unavailable .
will be probably something in the 62-70 range depending on how much blue etc.

this is the fit and mods in it :

i am looking for 63 B

make it rain boyos :wink:

Avatar down to 64B,
Rag down to 61 B
and BUMPOLINO :wink:

SOLD !!!

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