#Fitfleet is a community effort to encourage our fellow nerds to get some exercise. Currently it revolves around twitter 1 because it acts as a means of almost instant communication and 2 it provides a nice ease of use.

Numerous studies have shown the health impacts of a sedentary lifestyle on the human body. In Eve we have an older demographic that is growing older as the game goes on where some of these impacts can be seen everyday. I would love to avoid the worst happening to people in our community so people are able to be around for things like Eve Vegas and Fan Fest and any other player meet ups.

Past the physical health effects one can’t ignore the positive effects to things like self confidence and just generally feeling happier and healthier. Personally physical fitness has had a huge contribution to my quality of life and I would love for my fellow nerds to be able to reap these benefits.

We have done some podcast/ streaming to help people get the information to get them on their way

http://fitfleet.libsyn.com/website - we’ll be picking back up in the fall

We have a discord as well - https://discordapp.com/invite/V8YBTdm

With Eve Vegas coming up I’ll be in the Linqs gym in the mornings hopefully with some of the other fitfleet peeps like Doomchinchilla and @CCP_Affinity maybe even @CCP_Larrikin can be coerced to join us

Hopefully we can grow this in the future since it’s been pretty great !


I’ve been starting out some exercise to start loosin weight, definitely keeping an eye on this.

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Will definitely be in the gym in the mornings! Very early though so I have time to look human again before presentations


Awesome! I got a hat for you. That way you don’t have to try and steal mine. :heart:


Haha thanks :smiley:

Will definitely be joining you guys in the mornings~! This’ll be great :smile:

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