Fittakan Ore Syndicate is recruiting

Fittakan Ore Syndicate is recruiting. Based in Minmatar highsec, we’re a growing mixture of enthusiastic rookies and returned veterans. We have a mature player base, including plenty of experienced players happy to offer mentoring and advice.

Mainly EU and US TZ, but we do have several insomniac players.

What we offer:

–>Regular mining fleets with orca support
–>Regular PVE mission, exploration and event fleets
–>An active community and Discord channel
–>Wormhole exploration
–>Occasional PVP roams

What we don’t do:

–>Alarm clock ops

Join channel FITOS Public or contact one of our recruiters to learn more.

Jandin Kobera
Sangre Sancho

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting.


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