Fitted Orca, Hulk and a bunch of Ore in Pochvin *Solved*

I recently returned and started a new character. I decided to retrieve my old characters that were logged out in hi-sec 10 years ago to find that it is -1.0 space now called Pochvin. The items below are in Arvasaras and I will contract to someone for a reasonable price. According to Jita buy order the total comes to 1.98B.

Open to offers, please don’t try and lowball because of the situation.

Item Quantity Price
Cap Recharger II 3 619,400.00
Expanded Cargohold II 4 353,100.00
Large Cargohold Optimization I 3 699,700.00
Large Shield Booster II 1 3,195,000.00
Mining Foreman Burst I 2 238,700.00
Small Tractor Beam 1 1,692,000.00
Azure Plagioclase 232,316 35.72
Concentrated Veldspar 668,986 11.57
Condensed Scordite 520,907 17.60
Dense Veldspar 4,346,427 12.78
Massive Scordite 843,474 20.44
Orca 1 1,508,000,000.00
Plagioclase 181,744 33.04
Pyroxeres 52,091 25.94
Rich Plagioclase 558,092 37.20
Scordite 120,079 16.80
Simple Asteroid Mining Crystal Type A II 60 104,000.00
Solid Pyroxeres 175,894 26.14
Veldspar 287,904 11.99
Viscous Pyroxeres 324,097 28.52
Hulk 1 277,100,000.00
Medium Cargohold Optimization I 2 184,700.00
Modulated Strip Miner II 3 5,845,000.00
Small Shield Booster II 1 318,900.00
Survey Scanner II 1 852,200.00
Mining Laser Upgrade II 2 998,300.00
Acolyte II 10 281,100.00
Simple Asteroid Mining Crystal Type A II 20 104,000.00
Azure Plagioclase 17,542 35.72
Plagioclase 1 33.04
Rich Plagioclase 5,947 37.20
Solid Pyroxeres 9,765 26.14
Viscous Pyroxeres 19,497 28.52
Massive Scordite 101,238 20.44
Concentrated Veldspar 6,798 11.57
Dense Veldspar 200,000 12.78
Veldspar 145,094 11.99

tbh U can just filament out of pochven and get ur ■■■■ to jita

Thank you for the advice, I had thought of doing that but I don’t plan on upgrading these old accounts to Omega right now. I have also not played in nearly 10 years so I don’t trust my ability to navigate hostile space with that amount. I would rather re-learn with frigs and destroyers. I am looking for someone industrious wanting to make some profit. If its easy with filaments then hopefully someone is willing to buy this stuff and make a couple hundred million just dumping it on the market or more if they are patient.

This situation has been taken care of and the offer is no longer available. I have a little over 100m worth of hi-sec ores in the system still. I would be willing to contract to someone at ~70% if interested. Ships and fittings are back in hi-sec.

filamenting out of pochven takes u to hisec, its not really hostile space lol

and to add to Yoshi, killing some drones inside of pochven will get you positive with the trigs and you’ll be “safe” inside pochven… at least from the trigs anyway… you just need 0.01 or 0.001 standing with trigs to not be attacked.

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