Fitting Items purchased on Markets


Bit of a newbie question.
Im doing some of the early missions, one of which tells me ill need a sheild booster equiped on my ship.

I bought one on the market, travelled to that stations market to get it but its not in my inventory. How do i get and fit it to my ship?

Much appreciated.

You can open “personal items”, there you see each and every station where you have any items in store. Rightclick on the one you find your module in and set course.

If you don’t find the item in your inventory, I have 3 ideas:

  • You may be in the wrong station (same station name as in personal items?)
  • you applied filters (stated in the window: x filtered?)
  • you did’t buy it properly/immediately (transaction in wallet?).

Thank you,

i’ll check after work.

Just had a look, it’s called “Personal Assets”, shortcut Alt + T.
You can fit it via Alt + F when you found it.

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