[FLOP.] GG Covert Flops Looking for solo explorers/ solo pvp

We are looking for pilots who want to create a bond and get to know others. The best ship is the friendship.

Our only mission is to create a positive and friendly gaming environment. We’re looking for explorers, scouts, stealth bomber and hunter pilots.

We do contests for solo explorers and pvper’s.

We are based in Class 3 wormhole with a nullsec static this means we get a new nullsec connection every 16 hours (Or less if we want to). Alphas and newbros welcome. There is a bit of a learning curve for wormhole living, but it’s really satisfying and it pays off.

We are a small group, but we provide you a great base of operations with some of the best PI in the game as well! Engineering bay and refinery also available.

What we offer you:
A small tight nit community

25+ Years of Age [I’m trying to create a mature group]
Be chill

Main time zone is EU and early US.

Have any questions? Join GG Recruitment or message Papapants

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