Fly A Leshak or Vindi? Want PVP AND PVE?

We need a few more folks that fly Leshaks and Vindicators for our Triglavian Invasion fleets.

We need Nightmare and Vindi pilots for our Incursion fleets.

We need more PVP pilots.

We need more industry and manufacturing pilots to build all those ships!

If you are interested, please submit your application here and one of the recruitment team will be in touch.



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Great corp, great fun to fly with and a great moon scanning service!

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Hi i join 29 days ago. Only have 50M Isk. And a Alpha acount.

Today i have My omega omega acount and 887M Isk.

The officer take the time to explain my how work Null Sec, because i only play in High Secs corps before.

The system is really safe, can: Moon mining, explore scan, ratting or join a fleet and kill some neutrals.

If you have a question send my a message in game, because i know recruitment post are sometimes bad… But really this is a good corp. Fly safe. Check and join if you like :slight_smile:

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Lovely feedback, were so glad to have you onboard ST and here’s to ongoing success! :beers:

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still looking

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Newcomers still being welcomed into the world of the damned

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Hey, can I join? Just started playing on a new account. I’ve played Eve before, but never got very far. I think it’s probably cause I never joined a corp. I’m interested in doing some pvp and exploration, and I could really use some direction from better players.

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