Flying Dangerous is recruiting for SOV Null PVP and Hi-Sec!


Flying Dangerous is a relaxed, social community of new and veteran players that has existed in some form for the last 15 years. Our focus is PvP but we welcome any play-style.

We have recently returned to the north and are fighting as part of FI.RE coalition! We also have a Hi-Sec corporation located in Caldari space for those interested.

Newbros: We’re an alpha friendly alliance who will help you learn PvP and how to make good money in EvE. We have T1 cruiser fleets where we hand out free ships and go blow them up!

Veterans: Do you want to FC? Do you want to learn to FC? We will give you free T1 cruisers to blow up! We also offer access to coalition level content.

If you’re looking for a chill group to play Eve with, check out our discord here or join “Relaxed Recruitment” in-game. Our only requirement is that you have a working mic and a willingness to be on comms.

Fly Dangerous!

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