For Sale - 48Mill SP, Super/Carrier/FAX Pilot with SubCap skills


Selling myself, offers pls.
Minmatar Carrier V
Amarr Carrier IV

Can sit in a lot of SubCaps (BlackOps, HaC, Inteceptor, Freighter,)

Offers pls!

25B ready

26b b/o 24 hours.

my 25b still stand

27b b/o

27.5b B/O

30 bil for 24h

Make it 33B and we have a deal!

30.5b B/O

Same offer as earlier! 33B?

32b and ok


Send ISK + Account info and I will start transfer!

ISK and ACC name send.

Transfer initiated, at Wed, 17 Nov 2021 20:29:16 GMT

You will receive charachter soon! Max 10 hours according to Rules!:

Tanks for selling.

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