For Sale me 20 mill skill toon

selling myself to highest best offer

20 mil skill points…

i pay transfer
pos wallet
pos security stat
toon living in Dodixie Navy Assembly plant
No kill rights
Toon in NPC corp
High sec jump clone in Jita

I’m interested, how much are you asking?

Don’t just say taking offers.

well what if I wanted to say, ‘taking offers’ ? … :smiley: Ok, 30 bil… and dont just say that’s too much… counter offer me… :wink:

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up :muscle: :bone: :eye:

jump :partying_face: :partying_face: :rocket: :rocket:

11 B offer my guy

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i can do 11 bill… ill be on the rest of the day so hit me up if you’re still interested

Sorry about that. Had gone to sleep. Just woke up.

ISK and account details sent.

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11 bill Isk recieved… toon on the way!

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