Wts old 320+m sp all around toon

I am looking for new home

13m of unallocated SP

Npc corp
10 jump clones
Wallet in positive
located in nul sec currently
no kill rights

Open for the offers

210B offer

dread maxed but gunnery skills are lacking
no carrier/fighter skills
at least unallocated SP to compensate it a bit.

JC location ? What kind of JC?

215B offer


I suggest you want to extract it and get some profit? I believe everyone here is just buying for extracting. Ok, I dont mind about it as I dont have desire to strip it myself. send isikies and transfer info, thanks in advance

you still around? Should I wait for you or look for another buyer, please let me know asap, your profile is closed and I cant see whether you online or not

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i’m in game and can do 210 right now if you are interested

can do 215b?

sure if you say ok I’ll send account info and isk

I didnt receive any notification from Harrigan Raen for 2h so I am fine to have a deal with you

email with account info and isk sent

Wow, dont even give me 30 minutes to respond. RIP I would have offered more.

@Harrigan_Raen I gave you 2+ h

Yeah, I misread your original comment. And didnt see the “send iskies” part at the end, the beginning read to me like you were holding out for higher offers. Apologies.

over 2 hours need you to kick off that account transfer please

Is it still for sale, I can do it 230Bil

250Bil offer

260B offer