Forbidden Sanctuary - AU PVP/PVE Nullsec Corporation


Have you had enough of ridiculous “space drama”? Sick of politics getting in the way, and leadership not understanding the family, and real life comes first?

Forbidden Sanctuary (FOSAN) is an Australian TZ based Null Sec Corp in Catch! We are part of Tactical Supremacy, one of the premiere AU Alliance in New Eden.

We are looking for mature, drama free players, who are interested in

  • Making ISK
  • Regular PVP, PVE and Mining Fleets
  • An amazing Alliance-level buy back system
  • A chilled group of Aussies with a great community atmosphere

If any of this sounds appealing to you, then come and join us in “FOSAN Bar and Grill”, have a chat, and lets see if you’re what we’re looking for, and we’re what you’re looking for.


Axilla Hallux
Forbidden Sanctuary
Tactical Supremacy



We’re still recruiting!

Are you still recruiting?

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