Weaponised Vegemite is recruiting AU TZ Players!

Weaponised Vegemite is recruiting

⇒ Aussie timezone players operating out of Null and High Sec

⇒ Both Newbros & Veterans welcome; we’re a friendly community with many Aussies

⇒ Sov space in Tenerifis for ratting and mining + R64 Moons

⇒ PvP 🠚 Various doctrines. Joining our PvP fleets is optional but highly encouraged!

⇒ PvE 🠚 Ratting in Null for max ISK

⇒ Indi 🠚 Many industry related activities under alliance

Overall we are mostly about Aussies doing things in the AU TZ, and we have a friendly and funny Discord community, with Forums & Mumble Comms. Expect some shits & giggles.

Drop into our Discord for a chat: https://discord.gg/fC8VQgTGv7

Or join the Centrelink Office chat in game

[#pvp #null-sec]

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