Forsaken Empire. HonorBound Phoenix, looking for active PvPers

Honorbound Phoenix, a wing of Forsaken Empire is looking for more pvp centric pilots to enjoy daily content.
We currently have full access to null activities (Ratting, anoms, mining, etc) in Sansha space. Currently have an aggressively mid-tier Arena tournament team that is focused on competing to our full potential, but afterwards we will once again be the center of Eve’s content. Yes, FE BAD MAN but bad man gets good content =P.

Interested in Small-Mid sized fleet battles or aggressive small gang send Reap and Pillage an in game mail. Hope to talk to you soon.

Bump = Trust me if you want engaging content, and to be a part of Eve’s ongoing story hit me up

Any talented or willing to learn PvPers out there? Any bored players? We got that content

Did I mention we think waffles are the superior choice over pancakes?

Wind Jackal is a literal live Eeyore

My back hurts.

I like cats

We won first round of AT tournament, does that mean we are more desirable now?

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