Honorbound Phoenix Flies Again!

HBP is a pvp null-sec corp currently under the wing of Forsaken Empire based out of Vale of the Silent. If you are looking for a community oriented group, where you are not a number in the masses but a member of a family then look no further.

What does HBP have to offer?

PVP content as part of a small pvp oriented alliance Forsaken Empire.
TeamSpeak, Discord and Pathfinder.
great casual community where everyone learns from each other (IRL COMES FIRST).
US TZ Content on the weekends.
R-64 and under moons.
Great Ratting and DED space.

Minimum Requirements

We are most active from 18:00 to 05:00 EvE time. apply only if you play around the same time.
Be able to fly or willing to train into the following ships

Stealth Bombers

Bonus Points

Dreadnought on main or alt
Interdictor on main or alt
Dual boxing.

P.S Although we love the PVE content that this game has to offer cough DED cough. We require you to be self sufficient so that you can buy your own ships to pew pew in. The alliance provides prime space for you to do so with ease so make use of it.

If interested join our Discord (https://discord.gg/wqYZd68) and one of our recruiters will help you.

Thank you for considering us and have a great day.


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