Hole Punchers: Nullsec PVP in INIT

We are a former wormhole corp (HP) who have now entered the nullsec arena. We are members of the Initiative, part of the greater Imperium coalition. From our current deployment in the North, we offer frequent fleet opportunities ranging from the small-gang response fleets to coalition-level capital fights. We are an intimate corp with a relaxed atmosphere. HP particularly enjoys nano gang roams (think retributions, navy cruisers) which we typically offer late USTZ. INIT. and the Imperium fly fleets in all timezones so we have 24/7 coverage. We are looking for pilots with preferably more than 10 million SP who are interested in PVP.

  • Small Gang PVP
  • Capital and Supercapital PVP
  • Industry from corp owned cits
  • Best ratting/mining space in the game
  • 24/7 content with access to Imperium fleets

Inquire in https://discord.gg/mCreSA3 or in game channel “Office Depot”.


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