Hole Punchers : NullSec - INIT

Hole Punchers Corporation currently residing in Fountain under the tutelage of the Initiative who is part of the greater Imperium Coalition. We are primarily a PvP Corp and focus on small Corp PvP with participation in the Larger PvP fleets via the Alliance. We Pride ourselves on being an intimate Corp with a relaxed atmosphere where the CEO is the daily punching bag of puns and Memes. We primarily span the USTZ, but have a solid and growing EUTZ presence. With INIT, Fleets are in all time zones, so there is no shortage of fleets to be on to include those with GSF. Inquire in https://discord.gg/FKyPmMZ or in game channel "Office Depot".

What we can offer:

  • Small and Medium Gang Roams via the Corp – FC Growth if you want it too.
  • Gate Camps for the Lazy nights.
  • Large Fleets, Black Ops and Capital Drops via the Alliance. (■■■■■■■ Stukas)
  • Exceptional Logistics – It’s the damn Imperium, what do you expect.
  • Prime locations for PvE in order to have the ISK for your PvP. Just don’t be a damn Turbo Krab. We do want a few Industrialist in the mix… can’t have all grunts and no brains.

What we are looking for:

  • 15 Million SP – There might be wiggle room if your exceptional.
  • Self-reliance – don’t be a lazy ass, get your own ships and have them ready. Some Fleets are hand-outs for ships, but line ships are expected to be on your dime with SRP of course.
  • Working mic and be able to use it.
  • Activity and participation in Fleets.
  • Maturity, but have a sense of humor.
  • Don’t be a Dick and cause Drama. We have enough of those already.
  • Decent knowledge of PvP mechanics.

We are still looking for some quality prospects to join the Corp. PVP roams going out daily and definitely some safe space to get your Krab on.

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We have a lot of fun fleets planned this week! Come check us out!

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Bump for dank PvP peoples.

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