[HWPHS] [US/EU] Hole Punchers (C2 N/5) is selectively recruiting members who are interested in PvPing!

Hole Punchers is selectively recruiting new members!

Killboard: I Could Do Better | Alliance | zKillboard

We are a PvP focused wormhole corp (Primarily USTZ) operating out of a C2 with N/5 statics.
We offer to our members:
✪ Lots of opportunities for the pew-pew. One ishtar dunked a day as prescribed by your medical professional. Emphasis on nano gang roams with escalations.
✪ Multiple, versatile fleet doctrines (Heavy brawling, fast kite, blops).
✪ We use discord for comms, pathfinder for mapping

From our members, we require
✪ 20m SP (Negotiable on your specific circumstances)
✪ Isk sufficiency (This means your own stream of income to fund PvP, whether thats the occasional c5 krabbing, huffing, etc. Just remember that PvP takes priority)
✪ Willingness to contribute to corp activity and hole maintenance (rolling, scanning, etc. Don’t just be the person who logs on for pings, be the reason pings are sent out)
✪ Full ESI

For more information or questions please join our discord HOLE PUNCHERS and ping @recruiter

We’re still recruiting

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