Hole Punchers C2 C5/NS corp looking for pilots

Hole punchers is a small gang WH corp living in a C2 Ns/C5 static. We mostly roam our NS while taking WH content when we see it. We can offer:

Nightly PVP: We might not always win; but we try! We also feed occasionally.

Subsidized PVP: We will always make sure you have a ship to fly, be it a handout or isk for a loss. Our main goal is to PVP and we will make sure you always have something to fly

Group PVE: Cause krabbing is part of eve.

And a casual, laid back environment. We would like all recruits to have 10 million skillpoints but if you are a new player and interested, we will make exceptions based on attitude in coms.

https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98523546/ https://discord.gg/z8MWQKb

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